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The colors available in the FLESH TONE PALETTE range from the palest of pink tones to the deepest rich yellow tones. The system contains skin tone colors with warming/cooling adjusters that are ideal for fine tuning a skin tone mix that's a perfect match, or for creating a subtle bruising for close camera work. RICE PAPER, the staple of the palette, can be used as a white color to lighten a particular mix, or on its own to match the skin. You can start with Natural 1 & 2 as the basis for most Caucasian skin tones. Lao 1 & 2 will be the basis for your yellow under toned subjects. Starting with these tones you can lighten them with Rice Paper or darken them with Cedar Brown or the darker tones in the Dark Fleshtone Palette. To warm the tones add a little Coral Adjuster, Rose Adjuster II or the warm tones in the Complexion Palette. To cool the tones add a little Olive Adjuster II, Veintone or Cool Tone from the Complexion Palette. Cedar Brown is a warm yellow-based brown that can help create a tan or darken any of the fleshtones. 

*****HEALTH AND SAFTEY***** Skin Illustrator in Liquid form is flammable (alcohol). Use in a well ventilated area. Do not use on cut or abraded skin. For external use only. Do not use near a heat source, open flame or any source of ignition. Use caution near the eyes. keep away from children. Comply with all OSHA safety precautions when spraying Liquid Skin Illustrator (99% alcohol). Full body applications require an approved paint booth with spark proof ventilation equipment. Contact your Production Safety Coordinator for information. Small spraying applications (such as an airbrush) can be treated as an aerosol hair spray. repeated use of any alcohol activated color can cause drying of the skin. Moisturize skin thoroughly after every application. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and apply moisturizer.