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Yolanda Bartram

Yolanda is a founder of BODYFX and is an internationally respected and world champion special effects makeup artist. Yolanda has a fashion design degree with honours from Massy University. Yolanda has won numerous awards for her art. Known in the industry as flexible, reliable and freakishly creative, Yolanda is called upon again and again to help fix problems and to brainstorm the best and most efficient ways to do things.


Class 1: Airbrushing for beginners.

Learn about all the basics about airbrushing. What's the difference between single and dual action airbrushes and how to use your compressor efficiently. What to do and how to choose the right paint, what to practice to become a great artist using the medium of airbrushing

Class 2: Air Brushing Creatures.

Creating Creatures with an airbrush is fast and professional. I will go over a variety of textures airbrushing over prosthetic appliances, stipple tips and stencils.

Class 3: Foam Latex - Creature Transformations.

In this class we shall apply a prosthetic on each other, blend the edges flawlessly and create a fun creature with use of a variety of multimedia and paint.

Class 4: Easy Head Pieces.

Headpieces are a great way to compliment or finish off your body art or makeup design.In this class I will show you a variety of different ways on how to create a headpiece, what materials to use and we will make a simple design based on a headband.

This class is restricted to 12 people and requires an extra payment of $15 per person