a biodegradable environmentally friendly alternative to conventional glitters and plastic confetti. Most commercially available glitters are based on PET film and have minimal biodegradability.

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BIO-GLITTER is produced from biodegradable film which is derived from sustainable sources, does not contain genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms.

BIO-GLITTER offers the same precision cut and highly reflective properties as a conventional PET based glitter and is particularly suited to dry, water-based and oil-based applications.

No animal testing has been involved in development or production of BIO-GLITTER.

BIO-GLITTER satisfies the requirements of EN71-2: 2011 and EN71-3: 2013 A1: 2014 for safety of toys.

Certified as industrially compostable OK Compost Home certified Suitable for anaerobic digestion

Marine and waste water biodegradable ASTM D7081-05

Renewable and environmentally sourced raw materials in line with FSCA standards Non GMO ingredients.

No animal testing involved in the development or production of Cosmetic BIO-GLITTER

*Given the many possible uses and formulations incorporating glitters, it is the responsibility of the buyer to test performance in application before final use.

**Total content analysis by Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma Spectrometry <5ppm, the limit of the test method.

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