Fabulous Witch nose, to fit most noses. Made from Foam Latex, soft and comfortable to wear. This blending prosthetic might be re-useable when handled with care, remove by gently peeling off the skin, or with a little ISO. Residues of glue on the skin can be removed, Prosaide remover, Bond OFF, Isopropyl Myristate, a make-up remover or oily product. Store the prosthetic on some plastic, in a cool dark place. You can clean the back of the prosthetic with some ISO if you like to use it on another model. We recommend Prosaid as preferred adhesive however eyelash glue, Spirit gum and latex are ok alternatives. Use appropriate removers for each adhesive. Paint the prosthetics with make-up, waterbased facepaint products, PAX or Alcohol paints. Our blendable prosthetics are made in skin coloured foam, for easy of blending. However colours may vary from cr