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Sweat Stop has a big following because of it's high level of effectiveness. It's been used on Presidents before their television appearances, and many film and television shows use it on their talent for long outdoor situations that can create a perspiration situation under all kinds of makeup.

Use Sweat Stop on skin before applying prosthetics to achieve the very best adhesion from your glue medium. This is not a sealer or barrier product, but an active antiperspirant. It can be applied not only to the face and neck, but it can also be combed through the hair under a bald cap.

Before a makeup application apply with a cotton ball as an astringent on skin. Let it dry and proceed to your next step in makeup. For talent that has Hyperhidrosis (heavier perspiration issues), apply the Sweat Stop as a facial cleanser, let that dry completely, and then repeat with a second application over the first and allow to dry thoroughly.

When used repeatedly as part of the daily make up artist routine of cleaning the face before applying foundation it becomes even stronger and effective in inhibiting perspiration. It is the repeated daily use that works the best for long term performers. Don't forget to apply Sweat Stop up into the hairline as far as you can, and behind the ears and back of the neck.

Do not use on skin that is sensitive to underarm deodorant products. Discontinue if redness or rash occurs. For professional use only.

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