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These palettes make it very easy and handy to create your own customised colour palettes with any alcohol based liquid makeup. It's a simple process to do, by pouring the liquid makeup in layers and letting the alcohol evaporate out between the dried layers.

To fill the palette well, squirt a thin layer of desired color into the well; stir, then dry with a hairdryer, or let set at room temperature until the alcohol is completely evaporated and the cake is dry to the touch. Repeat the same process over again, stirring well to combine the color, until the well is filled to your desired level

To refill :

- Always shake liquid bottles well for complete mixing of color contents.

- Squirt a thin layer of desired color into a well, making sure it covers over the well.

- Stir well, and fan or air dry.

- Repeat the same process until the well is filled