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Realistic looking shotgun chest wound.

This Amputated Hand__¬´___is a great effect for a Haunt or to be used with any medical training.__¬´___

Silicon appliance:__¬´___harder to blend or to paint, but durable and easy to clean

Encapsulated Silicone appliance: most realistic as there are perfect blending edges, requires some specialFX knowledge, can be reused but never to it initial quality as the edges are compromised.__¬´___ [IMAGE]

Uncoloured or coloured with basic blood is available

Our MedicFX products are designed for and with the Medical Industry, they are for educational purposes and wound simulation.__¬´___
MedicFX are created out of a high quality Silicone, which simulates realistic Human skin and Bodyparts.__¬´___
Our Silicone pieces are easily cleanable and very durable.
All our pieces are custom made and__¬´___has a__¬´___minimum__¬´___order time of 2 weeks.
We offer a full design service if you require a specific wound or limb.
Full casting service is available as well.
For specific enquiries contact: