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Unlike other products that fit like a mouthpiece, FX Fangs are veneer style fake teeth products that cover only the front of your teeth. The thin veneer design keeps your speech natural. FX Fangs are made from a bio-compatible plastic and they're designed and created for hyper-realisim. Because of the hand-made nature of our products, no two sets are the same- just like real teeth.

Our teeth look REAL! Each set is stained by hand.

No two sets are the same, just like real teeth!

Vampire caps are great- when they work. Caps are designed to go over your teeth and that is going to open your bite and affect your speech. Our thin veneers clip on over the front of your teeth with no fitting material needed to go in the back, FX Fangs allows for ease of speech, where vampire caps can't. And because each veneer set includes all the teeth and surrounding tissue, the character possibilities are endless. We have the best generic vampire veneers around!

When you're looking for the highest quality vampire fangs and veneers, choose Dental Distortions. Our FX Fangs are the ultimate in special effect dental appliances. Created for Halloween, our products have found a special place in the Hollywood film and entertainment industry.