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Water-Melon Plastic Bald Cap 

Water-Melon caps are a professional movie quality cap used when a seamless, realistic blend is needed between the cap and the subject. Water-Melon caps are hand made in the USA and are the only cap in the world that is both blended and applied using only alcohol (not included), Either 99% Isopropyl alcohol or our Water-Melon Activator (cosmetic Ethanol) - no glue. which means that no remover is necessary when removing. While no glue is necessary it can be used if desired just like any standard Plastic Cap. Our bald caps are hand made in the USA with our own Water-Melon Latex Alternative. We are the worlds largest bald cap manufacturer, making thousands of bald caps professionally every year. Professional make up artists rely on our caps to produce realistic bald effects on stage, screen and major them parks. These caps are professional quality so they come in various sizes of Small or Large head size and short, medium or long nape. These caps come untinted natural and require make up over them to match your skin or character's skin color.

Other items necessary when using this cap:

Alcohol to apply (either 99% Isopropy)

To seal the cap latex, Acrylic Adhesive (ProsAide)

Foundation; Prosthetic Cosmetic RMG, Make Up FX Paint (PAX), or Fixed Airbrush Foundation (AGPC or similar)

Powder (no color) and Puff.

It is recommended that someone apply this cap to the subject. Do not expect satisfactory results doing this to yourself.

Instructions are included and there is a How To video on YouTube at

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