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Dress up your free spirit like an ambassador for the general assembly of Mother Nature. Wear anything, everything, or nothing at all, and accessorise with flowers, sparkles, and lashes TOO (whydon’tcha ;) 

The HIPPIE Pack is a care package for your inner flower-child. 

  • 2 X Good Glitter
  • 2 X Good Glitter 'Star Dust'
  • 10 X pressed flowers
  • 1 X Prosaide 5ml
  • 1 X Aloe vera gel 20ml
  • 1 X Lashes
  • 1 X Glitter Applicator 

Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here...

Here comes the sun do, do, doHere comes the sunAnd I say it's all right...