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Color: LIGHT
Size: 50ML

FX Paste to create skin textures, wounds and for blending and patching foam latex.

Perfect for filling in those thick prosthetic edges to blend away for the smooth look. Can be pressed through a stencil to create skin textures such as Mystique and Game of Thrones Grey Scale (check out Myrthes tutorial here) Also another great product to create Zombie skin.

Place dirctly onto the skin from the tube and create your desired effect, wound or scar using a spatula, sponge or stencil.

Dries quickly, working time 5 minutes max.

Remove by soaking in warm water then gently peel off

Contains latex! Avoid using in hair or fabric. Keep pot closed if not in use. 

Get the MSDS Sheet here

INGREDIENTS: Latex, Cabosil, Flocking

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