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Alginate is the only really safe material for taking impressions from the human body 

It is flexible, very fast setting, will not adhere to anything and used in conjunction with Ultracal 30 plaster, or Hydrocal White Plaster, offers excellent reproduction plaster castings.

It is a skin-safe material, perfect for anyone from novices simply wanting to cast their children’s feet, right through to professionals in the life casting field.

Alginate is a non-toxic non-allergenic moulding material which is safe to use on all areas of the body including teeth/mouth.

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INGREDIENTS: Ester salts of alginic acid(sodium or potassium or triethanolamine alginate); Calcium sulphate; Zinc oxide; Potassium titanium fluoride; Diatomaceous earth; Sodium phosphate; Coloring & flavoring agents traces.