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If you are wanting to start out as a professional face painter, or you want to take your face painting to new heights then this is the pack for you.

These face paints have been tested (not on animals) and are E.U and FDA approved and are designed by our very own Art Director Yolanda Bartram.

What is in this pack?

  • 1 x 12 Colour FACE ART Palette
  • 1 x Neon Cocktail One Stroke
  • 1 x Bio Glitter
  • 1 x # 12 Flat Brush
  • 1 x # 2 Flat Brush
  • 1 x # 6 Round Brush
  • 1 x # 3 Round Brush
  • 3 x Fantasy Sponges
  • 4 x Petal Sponges

Face Art is a high quality water based cosmetic grade face paint. It is FSA and EU approved.

Paint is activated with water.

Use a brush or a sponge to apply. 

Product has an active antiseptic agent in it, so the use of dettol or any other antiseptic products are not required.