BODYFX is now providing a 10 week industry course. BODYFX has been teaching in New Zealand for over 18 years, our artists work in and with the industry professionals.

Over the years we have gained a great understanding on what is needed to keep up with current industry demands, techniques and materials.

We have a close relationship with many national and international artists and will be inviting guest tutors who specialise in the techniques taught on this course.

This course is designed for artists who have completed a Make-up course and now would like to further into the FX, Film and TV industry.

School leavers may apply and may be accepted on Porte-folio assessment.

Each intake will only allow for 10 students.

Our course is divided into 3 modules and may be taken separate if there is availability.

10 week Industry FX Course

Trauma & Creature Design - 10 Weeks --- Start 5 March


Module 1        Silicone FX                                     

Week 1:               

  • Introduction to advanced FX
  • Recap on out of the kit FX
  • Sculpting of wound plates
  • Silicone moulding

Week 2:              

  • Encapsulated silicone wounds design & application
  • Bondo Transfers
  • Tattoo transfers application
  • tattoo covering

Week 3:              

  • Flat mould -  face casting
  • Scenario creation
  • Large trauma FX sculpting, moulding and casting
  • Squibs and blood

Week 4:              

  • Blending and painting silicone prosthetics
  • Large Trauma FX application
  • Hair punching

  Module 2 Paint FX -  2 weeks $2500

including IWATA Silverjet Compressor and Neo airbrush

Week 5:              

  • Bodypainting
  • Textures
  • Character / creature make up
  • Understanding anatomy
  • Skull make-up & muscle make-up
  • Ageing make-up, stretch and stipple                         

Week 6:              

  • Introduction to airbrush for fx
  • Airbrush make up
  • Airbrush body art
  • Stencils and 3D effects

Module 3 Creature FX -  4 weeks $3500

Week 7:              

  • Script breakdown
  • Set etiquette    
  • Creature make up with ready mades
  • Creature design
  • Face casting,
  • Sculpting creature                   

Week 8:                

  • Sculpting and Moulding
  •   2 part mould making
  •   Casting foam latex prosthetics   
  •   Prosthetic application


Week 9:                 

  • Wigs
  • Baldcaps
  • Moustaches and beards
  • Denture FX

Week 10:             

  • Costuming, distressing
  • Cosplay techniques
  • Head pieces / horns
  • Photographing / shopping your art
  • Final day application


Total of all 3 courses $9750

Discounted rate $7750, including materials and kit worth of $950


Upon registration a down payment of 10% is required

The full balance needs to be paid before commencement of the course.

Or if wanted t can be paid in 14 weekly payments of $500 starting in the first week of January.

This course will be taught by our BODYFX award winning artists and invited industry guests.

We will be taking photo’s throughout this course with each assessment. This will build up to a portfolio that will match the industry needs.

You will receive a certificate at the end of the course or module.


Basic products used in this course are included.

You will receive $250 product vouchers as well as a kit to be used throughout the course.

The kit includes:

  • Sculpting tools
  • Brush set
  • Cape
  • Towel
  • Illustrator On set palette
  • IWATA Silverjet Compressor and Neo airbrush