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Post-Convention Class Description New Zealand:Prima Barton

The TRUE ARTIST in YOU on the job

Art have been my scape and paradise since I met Crayola at age 5. Being the person who loves to observe anything from dust particles to droplets of rain, I have learned a lot of techniques in Arts just by observing. The variety of style I have experience in expressing my creativity, from painting murals, cartooning, tattooing, architecture and pottery, imagination are endless. I would like to share techniques that I have, for this will not only unblock your creativity that have been searching for an escape, but also gain you confidence and dollars in your pocket once arming yourself with the styles I will share to you.

This class focuses in bringing the TRUE ARTIST IN YOU by learning PRIMA’s techniques in coming up with unique designs that shows your imaginative creations that you can surely call your own and be proud of.

  • Breaking down “direct to the point essential techniques” that you can apply to your art on the job: (taking notes are strongly suggested so you won’t forget)

*** This will be demonstrated while tackling techniques. ***

  • Facial mapping, Symmetry and asymmetry (*proper positioning) IMPORTANT!
  • Colour choices, realism or colour explosion
  • Essential brush strokes from line work, detailing to one stroke
  • Fast phase Blending, layering and shadows
  • Turning ideas or inspirations to plan, then paint it on the face or body.
  • Painting Wild! = This “GAME” will test your creativity in creating your own design using what you learned from me. Then “together” we will improve it, ready to be showcased on your next job!


* After we discuss the key points above, we will paint and use less sponging to achieve speed on the job:

ONE STROKE or FULL FACE ANIMALS – From common to Uncommon animals eg., Black Panther, Monkey, Bull, Horse, Lion, Elephant, black cat, Dragon, Bear etc…

BOYS DESIGNS – tribal and popping stencils for teens, Robot, car, bike and train! Yes! the one with engines!FREESTYLE (using the formula above)

GIRLIES – Florals (not just Roses), Butterfly, fairy, mermaid, Unicorn (in many ways), FREESTYLE (input your own style) etc.


* Bring a practice head or board or even your legs will do. Paint along or just be painted. Compact kit one stroke and basic colour paints, your filberts, flats, blending brushes and powders are strongly suggested.

MISSION of this class:


  • To break the wall that hinders you in “becoming your own true artist” that can come up with a design on the spot no worries!
  • To leave this class armed with ideas, designs, techniques and a “NEW design of your OWN”.

 90 min Classes:


Creative Sugar skulls

Sugar skulls aren’t just for Halloween costume parties, but also for any occasion. Let me show you how to create sugar skull for kids on a faster paced to be able to cover more faces and earn more bucks on Halloween or at the markets! And after that,I will paint and demonstrate how to achieve your own Glamourous and Creative Sugar Skulls that you can call your own. Paint along or be painted. Bring your compact kit, powders, glitters and blings!


Pretty fancy QUICK Faces – on the job

Florals and butterflies, Rainbow, Unicorn, Princess, Fairies, cats, Dogs, dreamcatchers, peacock, dolphins, and pretty much anything you wish to see that is asked on the job we will try and do together! This class is not restricted to request as long as time permits.

Paint along or be painted. Bring your compact kit and flat or angle brushes for we will use mostly one strokes and some stencils and blings!


Boy oh Boys!

If you are one of those who palpitates when you see a boy in your line, then this class is for you!

We will do some boys designs that are fairly quick and effective! One stroke Dragon, Skull, Pirates, Snake, Dino, croc, scorpion, shark, octopus, spaceships! This class is not restricted to request as long as time permits.

Paint along or be painted. Bring your compact kit and flat or angle brushes for we will use mostly one strokes and some stencils!