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New To Face Painting?

Just starting out?

Wondering where to begin?

We take the uncertainty out of what you need to start face painting. We have made some packs for people on different journeys through the face paint realm.


Paint My Kids Pack

My kids love face painting and I just want some good safe face paint, where i can do nice and easy flower designs, spider man and a princess or butterfly. 

This pack is perfect for this; it comes with 12 colours, 2 brushes and 8 sponges

Plus we will give you a PDF download of 12 basic designs.



New Face Painter Pack

I love face painting and have been doing it for a few months but i want to add some new and exciting designs to my repertoire.

With this pack we have added our favourite one stroke cake, Bio Glitter, plus some brushes that are essential to a beginner face painter. 



The Professional Face Painter Pack

I have been face painting for a while now but I keep running out of supplies. I need to be able to have all my gear in one place. I want to be able to set up my kit fast. I want to look professional, clean and tidy and i want to offer multiple design ideas to my clients. 

The professional Face painter pack is what all of our artists use. It is a carry case of 32 gram face paints, a brush pouch filled with brushes, bio glitter, one strokes and a huge white and black.