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Natalee Davies

Fast and fabulous faces Natalee Davies:

Natalee’s unique approach to face painting is a beautiful blend of makeup artistry and face painting..
With “Real Time” face painting in mind this class teaches you how to create fast and fabulous designs that you can use on every job.
Natalee's unique “sponge free", one Stroke methods teaching perfect brush loading, focal point focus, flawless blending, sophistication and marketing that will bridges the gap from the makeup world to the face painting world... capturing a new target market for your business.. “Tweens”

In this class you will learn all new techniques to create flawless, vibrant, symmetrical designs. Natalee’s long history of makeup artistry brings a fresh approach to face painting, Nat will teach you how to create beautiful eye designs for teenagers and mums, butterflies, cats, fairies and princesses. Natalee’s approach to face art will save you time on the job as well as hundreds of dollars on waisted paint. Natalee focuses on Perfect brush loading, focal points, dry blending, colour choices and colour matching giving you all new skills and mastering the art of metallic’s...This class will be one of the best investments you have ever made to your business.