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Min White

Henna, or Mehndi, is a beautiful traditional form of body art, practiced in many different countries, using a paste made from the ground leaves of the henna shrub, which stains the skin for around a couple of weeks.

Your henna tutor, Min White, is a professional henna artist and teacher, who has taught at henna conferences around the world - HennaCon (California), Henna Circle (Sydney), Polar Sling (Minnesota), Windy City Mehndi Meet (Chicago), BARC/FABACONZ (New Zealand's national body art conference).

Her henna class will introduce you to mixing your own natural chemical-free henna paste, and making henna cones for application. she will cover the essential design elements that you need to master to be able to make beautiful designs.


1.  HENNA 101: 

Hands-on how-to class to get your henna journey off to a sound and safe start.   Mixing your own paste to take home, trying out different applicators, learning the essential elements and basic designs, and how to safely get the best stains.  

2.  RITES OF PASSAGE - Big-scale henna 

Level up and do memorable work to mark people's meaningful life transitions.  
Tips on traditional bridal mehndi, also the newer maternity henna bellies, and cancer survivor crowns.  Working symbology into designs, understanding cultural expectations, allowing for the 'spiritual' side.  
Hands-on practice on a real baby belly :-)

3. ITCHING TO GO PRO:  Henna as a business

You've played around a little with henna and you're wondering about turning your passion into a business, or adding it to your facepainting.  Before you take anyone's money, put yourself through this robust self-check and get a visual game plan together.  Learn hands-on queue-busting designs and insider business secrets!