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    All our prosthetics are made in small runs and designs are subject to change; many designs are one-offs. We also offer custom-made prosthetics, to your design or to your client's wishes, and a painting service for your ordered BodyFX Prosthetics, although we do recommend you paint them yourself to match your artwork wherever possible.

    BodyFX Prosthetics are new and innovative products that will help you to create artistic and discreet body paints. Instead of painting bra’s, you can use an artistic solution. To overcome the nudity factor, BodyFX Prosthetics can be glued over the whole breasts or just the nipples. Using BodyFX Prosthetics, you will find more clients (and models) are willing to try body-art as a means of entertainment.The BodyFX Prosthetics foam latex designs can be glued anywhere on the body and face, giving your artwork a third dimension that will blow people away.

    BodyFX Prosthetics can be glued and painted over and over again. They are comfortable to wear, very light and easy to glue with Pros-aid. (To remove the prosthetic, carefully peel it off and clean the Pros-aid residues with Isopropyl Myristate.) BodyFX Prosthetics can be painted with most make-up and body paint products. Use a brush, sponge or airbrush.

    We have 3 ranges of prosthetics; white, black and skin-coloured.After working with our prosthetics for over 10 years, we would like everyone in the body art industry to be able to benefit from this concept.We believe our prosthetics will help to remove body painting from the erotic scene and to become more accepted as an existing form of art. Accordingly, we designed a range of BodyFX Prosthetics to assist many different face and body paint designs and creations.

    The white and the black prosthetics do not have to blend, have no thin edges and are easy to apply. the skincoloured prosthetics do need to be blended and are more difficult to apply properly. Read the instructions in "how to apply" in the online shop