Great for body paint designs. No problem with fabrics and lines on hips.

Foam latex product; basecolor skin,white or black.

Application: Apply pros-aide on the wide rim of the string. Attach the string so that it fits perfectly between the legs. glue the back part just before performance time for easy toileting. The G-String can be washed and used again by the same model if desired.��

Paint: with water based products. When using grease based make-up,��the appliance has to be sealed with a sealer like Fixative A , Castor sealer or No-tack Pros-aide.

Remove: Have model shower with string. Warm water will soften the adhesive an make the string come off easily. Use Bond-Off, Prosaide remover or Isopropal Myristate to remove adhesive from skin.

This product contains latex!