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    How to REMOVE our makeup products

    We are so excited that it's nearly Halloween! The time of year where we lather ourselves with layers of make-up, latex, and copious amounts of fake blood.

    We love it when our customers come up with their own epic makeup ideas, and we love helping them bring those ideas to life!

    In the 20 years we have worked in this industry, we have obviously learned how to apply fx makeup, but this blog is more about how to safely remove it.

    We implore our customers to use products that do not contribute to our ever growing pile of trash (say no to disposable wipes!).


    • Face paint - lots of water and a little bit of soap - a shower would work! If any colours have stained your skin, you can use an oil based product to remove it (makeup remover, baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil etc). 

    Grease paint, Bruise Wheels, and Clown white - remove with make-up remover, micellar water or cold cream and a cloth.

    Fake Blood - this stuff comes in many forms and it all depends on the brand how it will come off. However, 99% of all fake blood WILL stain your skin and your clothes. To remove, use lots of water and a little soap.
    Don't use baby wipes, as these will actually spread the stain. 
    For real stubborn stains you can try shaving foam. But pretty much in all cases maybe don’t book your family portrait session the day after Halloween.

    Latex - If you have applied Latex to any part of your body that has a lot of hair… do NOT pull it off as it will be pretty painful. Have a shower, warm water tends to soften the latex and with some oil or bodywash it will be a lot easier. Never apply Latex to your hair and be super careful with hairy skin. Also Latex is pretty impossible to get out of clothing.

    Foam latex prosthetics and Pros-aide glue - So you got the works! Awesome, now the easiest way to take all of this off is… have a shower. Warm water will soak into the prosthetics and will soften the pros-aide. You can gently peel off the prosthetic, sometimes you could even reuse the prosthetic after drying it fully. [it will never be as great as the original version of course]. Pros-aide can be a little more stubborn, so you would need some oils for that. The best product to remove it with is BOND OFF. Isopropyl Myrestate is a good one too, but takes longer.

    To remove like a pro, use BOND OFF and a small brush and start on one edge and gently work your way around the whole piece. A hot towel beforehand will make this even easier.

    Wax - This is a sticky one… do NOT put under warm water, as this will soften the wax and make it spread out even more. So use a blunt knife or spatula and try to scrape off as much as possible. Then use oils or Isopropyl Myrestate to take off the rest.

    FXGEL - this is a nice one as it simply melts off with warm water. You can even have FXGEL through your hair, no probs

    FX Silicone or Third Degree - this stuff is great as it will stay on for hours! Will come off by gently peeling it off your skin, NO mess at all.

    Pros-aide - Our preferred body glue as it is easy to remove at home without needing any special removers. This stuff sticks the best when the surface is clean [use a little iso wipe] and has glue on the skin as well as the item /prosthetic, let it dry to tacky and then stick it. The best product to remove it with is BOND OFF. Isopropyl Myrestate is a good one too, but takes longer. But if you are at home without either, you can use oils. 

    Spirit gum - This requires a spirit Gum remover, make sure you have this before applying any spirit gum. Worst case scenario, try acetone or otherwise persistent picking will have to do…

    Airbrush make-up / ProAiir - If one of our artists used an airbrush on your epic make-up, it would have been most likely ProAiir. This is a perfume based product and is water resistant, so you can sweat it up on the dance floor or dance in the rain. This product comes off with liquid soap / body wash (the cheap kind not the ‘zen’ one with essential oils) Lather it up, let it sit for half a minute and rinse off under a warm shower. This will leave NO staining on your skin at all.

    Contact lenses - these little guys totally make a look complete and transform you into something otherworldly. We highly recommend trying contact lenses. BUT DO NOT SLEEP IN THEM and DON’T WEAR THEM LONGER THEN 8 HOURS. No matter how big your night was those puppies must come out before you hit the pillow. Look in a mirror, pull down your lower eyelid, place your finger on the contact and drag it down. This should create an air pocket underneath the lens and will come loose from your eye, gently grab it and Tadaa! your eyes will thank you. One day lenses can only be worn once, and go in the bin when you've taken them out, longer lasting lenses need to be put into their lens container and have the contact lens solution changed every 30 days.

    Lashes - Always sad to take these off as they make you look fabulous. Gently grab them at the outside edge of your eye and pull it off towards your nose. Store in your lash container.

    When getting your make-up done at BODYFX, make sure you are informed on how to remove your make-up and receive your complimentary cleaning pack for the more extreme make-ups.