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    Carbon Offsetting at BODYFX and Sustainability Update

    On the 22nd of April 2020 BODYFX began offsetting the carbon emissions of every order sent to our customers. Over the past 14 months the total shipping emissions we have offset has been a grand total of 1,242.50 kilograms of CO₂ That's a lot of carbon dioxide! In fact that's the average weight of a car!

    The estimated area of forest protected for the past 14 months is 11,755.2 m² thats over 1500 trees that are fully protected.  We are really proud of this achievement. 

    Recently we have partnered with Carbon Click to give our customers the opportunity to offset their own shipping emissions. This means that between our offsetting and that of our customers, we can protect more wildlife at a far greater pace.  

    BODYFX is committed to a more sustainable way and below are some of the initiatives we have implemented. 


    Introduced the official Bio-Glitter Branded “Good Glitter” to the Face Paint world. Our Good Glitter is a biodegradable environmentally friendly alternative to conventional glitters and plastic confetti! Most commercially available Glitters are based on PET film, and because of their lack of biodegradability, they have a massive impact on our planet. Our Good Glitter is 100% biodegradable and won't harm the environment. It is cosmetic grade and is safe to use in face painting and makeup designs.

    Good Glitter refills. We encourage our customers to bring back their Good Glitter pots so they can be refilled in our shop as they are sturdy and a long lasting jar. When they bring back their jars they receive 40% off the glitter. 

    Replaced all Plastic Bags with home compostable options. We found alternative suppliers for all courier satchels, BODYFX product packaging. Also if you visit us in store your goods will be placed in a paper bag. 

    We reuse all supplier packaging. Every order that is sent from BODYFX is wrapped with reused packing materials from our suppliers, or we opt for cardboard and paper. Its been over three years since we have actually purchased plastic packaging. 

    Less carbon miles on products. We source products with the least amount of travel, which mostly means we work directly with the manufacturer. This way our product does not travel the world before it comes back to us.


    No plastic packaging Face paint refills. One problem in the face paint world is when you run out of face paint, you have to buy a refill and this typically means another plastic pot. We have introduced RAW Paint Refills. Face paint sold by the gram in little biodegradable baggies, so you can refill your palettes without buying more hard plastics. 

    All home brand BODYFX products in PET plastic or aluminium tins. While we try to package our home brand in cardboard or biodegradable cellophane as much as possible, sometimes we have to use other packaging materials. When this happens we opt for materials that are easily recyclable in New Zealand which are PET and Aluminium. We trust that our customers will reuse or recycle these materials appropriately. 

    Educate our Suppliers about the part they play. The amount of plastic that we have helped divert from the landfill blows our minds simply by calling out the overuse of plastic in our suppliers packaging. Having open communication with our suppliers is critical to actually making a difference. 

    Education Workshops focus on reducing waste. In our workshops we offer facecloths, and advise not using baby wipes. If wipes must be used we suggest cutting them in smaller sizes as most are too big. Little goes a long way.

    Whats Next: 

    Refills for all homebrand BODYFX “FX” Products. We aim to have all of our “FX” products available as a refill service. Bring your own bottle or container and we will fill it up with FXGEL, FXBLOOD, and FXLATEX.

    Offset all import and export freight emissions. We are working with carbon click to offset all freight emissions and commit to doing this by 13-03-22

    Researching Sustainable Business Network and B Corp Certification. We are looking at joining the Sustainable Business Network and researching more into B Corp Certification. We believe these organisations are the key to helping us reach carbon neutrality. 

    We believe that businesses play a vital role in protecting our planet. And we want to ensure that while we source the best products for you to use that we don't add to the environmental pressure our planet is facing. We will continue to find ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and regenerate and we ask you to hold us accountable to this. Please remember you also need to be part of the solution by becoming a conscious consumer; use our refill options, offset your shipping, recycle the packaging and only buy what you need. Together we can and will make a difference.