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Mehron Paradise Review

November 07, 2012 1 min read

The first thing you notice about paradise face paints is the nice shiny silver packaging, the second thing you notice is the huuuge range of colours, and the third thing you notice is the smell, oh man it smells so good! This is because it’s got coconut extract in it.

Mehron paradise, is a Glycerin based paint. Glycerine based paints are typically creamier and excellent for blending with a sponge. Unlike wax based paints like tag, wolfe or diamond FX, where the paints layer well, glycerin paints blend better and dry slightly slower so you are able to sponge and blend them easier.

Mehron Paradise was is co-created with Mehron by Jinny Houle, a good friend and amazing Canadian body artist, body and face paint artists from all over the world rant and rave about this product.

Paradise is great as it’s very natural, palm oil free (awesome!!), hypoallergenic (ofcourse) and soft to work with.

They also have a pretty cool selection of Prisma split cakes, so you can make really quick realistic roses and more.

Hope you try out these paints, and make sure you smell them!!

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