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Limecrime Opaque Lipstick

May 21, 2014 2 min read


High pigmented opaque lipstick by Limecrime should be illegal ! With it's screaming intense colour and velvet smooth texture one stroke breaks all the rules. Reckless and wild on purpose don't pick this product up unless your ready to get noticed !!! The perfect lipstick for those feeling rebellious !!!


Celebrity fan: We found out Rita Ora was a reckless and wild fan of the Limecrime "Opaque" lipstick...and rightly so ! We love you Rita !!!


Makeup Artist pick:  Limecrime smashed the scene with these lipsticks !. Product with vibrancy and moisture combined I couldn't pick  just 1... So after  much deliberation and confusion and checking myself out in the mirror, I opted for "Poisenberry", a rich deep purple with a hint of reflect as my professional pick, and "Mint to be", a pastel green milkshake lippie as my crazy by nature pick, plus green is actually my favourite colour so naturally I was hypnotised. Normally a 30 year old chick would not DARE touch a lipstick that her niece or best friends daughter would wear...but what the hell ! YOLO !!!


Removal: This lipstick is less stain proof on the lip, so a makeup wipe is a fuss free option they're loaded with great ingredients to make life easy. Personally I'm a fan of the "simple" range at most supermarkets...and don't forget to tissue dab afterwards to remove any lasting residue from the makeup wipe.


Tip: #1

To avoid flakey lip "attention" make  sure you lip condition prior to application. This will ensure a smooth flawless lip.


Tip: #2.

If your brand new to the vibrant hues of the Limecrime range and not 100% on walking out in public with a bold lip, try dabbing a small amount on your lip with your middle finger blending it from the inside out. Goodluck !!!


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