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March 21, 2014 1 min read

imageYolanda and I went to the North Shore to pick up some canvas for a project and to buy a car; as I wrote off the last one :(....... While we were waiting for the slimy car sales man to call us back we wanted to get a coffee. Enter the "funky chicken cafe". I was a bit worried that we were about to get crap coffee as the look of the cafe does not scream we are the best god dam thing your ever gonna try. Or should I just say is slightly understated. I ordered a flat white and a slice, Yolanda pointed me towards the steak and blue vein cheese pie which I quickly ordered. The pie was brought out to my table with a fresh and simple side salad which is of course what you would like with a pie. I knew I had struck gold after my first bite. This cafe needs your attendance! You need to buy pies from here! They sell both hot and cold. I spoke to Tyrone the owner and he also does corporate and private catering. For my birthday I'm getting me some pies. Address of this cafe is 247 Dairy Flat Highway, Albany Phone 09 4146398 Happy Pie Day!   Jules

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